Our Process

We start by picking shoots of our stock plants. They are packaged and stored in our coolers for up to three weeks. When it's time to do our weekly 'sticking' we will pull these cuttings out of the cooler and literally 'stick' them into home-made pressed peat-moss cubes. These cubes come in trays of 112 and are then neatly placed on a heated floor underneath a computerized misting system which is controlled by time, light & humidity.

After 12 days the plants are ready to be transplanted into our main greenhouse where the growing process starts. After carefully planting them (by hand) the plants receive up to 18 hours of light a day. To induce flowering we use a black-out system, to make the days short & the nights long. Chrysanthemums are a short day plant, which means it only flowers when the days our short, naturally in fall & winter. Therefore our black-out screens are required in the spring & summer.

Ten weeks after planting the flowers are ready to harvest. Since we plant every week, our flowers are always available. Our greenhouse is divided into 10 invisible sections which flower in sequence. We use a brand new chrysanthemum harvester to make our lives a little easier.

Then everything repeats.

Want to know more about our process? Contact us with any questions.